Jujutsu and Karate For Kids



Master Peterson

The International Kokondo Association consists of Jujutsu and Karate. Our martial arts are designed to teach self defense using the techniques of traditional Jujutsu and Karate systems. Kokondo has a primary goal of teaching appropriate response and is guided by it's adherence to the Seven Codes of Bushido.

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About Boise Kokondo Martial Arts Academy

Providing quality martial arts instruction to kids in the Treasure Valley for over 30 years.

Boise Kokondo Martial Arts teaches realistic self- defense to children ages 6 and up in a fun and nurturing environment.
Along with his certified assistants, Master Peterson encourages self-confidence and self- respect through the traditional arts of both Jujutsu and Karate.



Master Peterson

Owner and Lead Instructor

Kokondo Karate - Godan

Jukido Jujutsu - Sandan

Over 30 years in Kokondo Karate


Sensei Lisa Peterson

Co-Owner and Instructor

Kokondo Karate - Shodan

Over 20 years in Kokondo Karate



Sensei Charles Stute


Kokondo Karate - Nidan

Over 15 years in Kokondo Karate




Classes are available in Downtown Boise at the Cathedral of the Rockies and lessons in West Boise by appointment. Email for scheduling and pricing information. BKMA’s Master Peterson and certified instructors are available for private lessons, preschool instruction, women’s self- defense seminars, boys and girls scout seminars and demonstrations.